Vicens Ash Biography

In the beginning Vicens Ash Properties wasn’t all about shiny cars and sparkling office.

Did you know they’ve specialised in selling property in Javea and its surrounding towns for two and a half decades? Read on for our story-bio

Vicens Ash Properties real estate agency was established in 1994.

Back in the day, when house prices were in millions of pesetas, phones in general were scarce, property details were drawn up after developing photos at the Kodak shop.

Contracts were written on ‘papel timbrado’ bought from the tobacconist – Oh! how it was fashionable to smoke in the office back then. And, so much time was wasted on writing and fighting with the fax machine.

It was all so long-winded back then, like navigating through Javea’s old country roads, before the infrastructure was better. Afterwards, it then seemed like a new roundabout was built on every corner!

Way back in the day of the hard times during the early 90’s, which morphed into the real estate boom of the millennium. Birthing with it; an expansion of Vicens Ash and a new real estate agent on each of those new roundabouts!

One thing that has never changed since the beginning are Vicens Ash’s core values: competence, respect and honesty.

Always delivered professionally, and optimistically, with complete realism.

Brian Hobbs, founder and mentor would be proud of his three daughters, who have stood by these concrete work values – because they work.

Twenty-five years later, two economic slumps including a global recession, 4 weddings (including one in Las Vegas), 2 divorces, 6 kids, a 3rd office and sadly one death later and they’re still here….offering consistency, reliability and lots of coffee to their growing clientele.

Their team is full on ingenuity. Working together with local professionals of the field to represent buyers and sellers on a day to day basis in a stress-free environment.

If you need to value your home or need answers before deciding to buy or sell, Vicens Ash’s data and experience driven market perception is second to none.

So, pop by and try the coffee; get the answers you need and I’m sure you’ll be convinced they’ll be here to help you for the next twenty-five years!

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