Real estate sales & marketing

Meeting high demands of digital and print audiences

And that’s why Vicens Ash marketing is serious stuff

Dealing and engaging as a team or outsourcing when needed, to obtain optimal real estate marketing strategies.

Marketing covers many angles from copywriting, social media, online promotional campaigns, newspaper spreads, patterns and seasonality, needs and buying decisions, customer demographics etc.

Here’s a few of the international property portals where our home owners’ property is showcased..


  • One of the vital portals offering hundreds of thousands buyers a selection of Spanish property


    • The Uk’s number one property portal and biggest marketplace. Bringing the UK’s most committed buyer and seller audience together with the biggest inventory of property.


    • Fast growing in the UK, this property web site allures over 40 million visits a month.

    Collaborating agents Javea Collaborating agent network

    Our homeowner sellers benefit massively from our strong collaborating agent network which gets your property details out there to their clients too. Massive exposure seeded in one office, we keep it all under one roof.

    Our .com, .es, .nl, .fr and .de web sites have millions of potential viewers. And it doesn’t stop there! 

    Social networking Javea Social Media and Email Marketing

    Gives our vendors, along with the Vicens Ash brand, major coverage across our own online mailings; including weekly property updates and blog posts, as well as other online article swaps or uploads – a huge reach of approximately 150,000 potential clients.

    Not including our local newspapers and magazines which reaches a vast mix of expats along the Costa Blanca.

    Our social media reaches across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

    And we do…

    Data protection Javea Data Protection: the right way

    Since 2018, everything should be fully in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations.

    Our subscriber list dropped once we applied these strict regulations but we’re proud to say that the subscriber list was still in excess of over half the total and it grows each day with our marketing dynamics and various online channels.

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