Property valuations in and around Javea

Thinking about selling but not sure how much your home is worth?

If that’s the case, we’d suggest you get 3 valuations from different estate agents. Take an average price and / or go with the one who instilled most confidence.

How we work it…

  • We make an appointment to have one of our valuers, Sarah or Steven, to visit your property, where they’ll value your home and explain how we work. Ask them any questions – they’re only happy to answer and help you make an informed decision.
  • When you decide to put your house on the market with Vicens Ash you’ll find that between them, Sarah and Steven, produce the best property details for marketing in the area! With cutting edge digital imagery and explicit, enticing, property details, drawn up for all our properties for sale in and around Javea.
  • When all this has been arranged and pulled together, it’s published across the world wide web and pushed through our automatic portal feeds, where it’s then advertised not only across those platforms but also their sister sites.

Our exclusive homes will benefit 2D and 3D floor plans, virtual home tours and even drone photography.

Did you know Kyero reaches millions of buyers in 195 countries and 13 languages, with over 750,000 people every month looking for property?

We’ve been advertising on Kyero for years…we think it’s great for our sellers to reach people in other countries who are looking to buy property in Spain.

Then there’s Idealista, with 12 million unique visitors a month!

That’s mammoth and everything we’ve got for sale is feeding this beast of a portal.

This is just to mention two of the portals where we advertise our properties. To show you where your property will be advertised once you decide to sell with Vicens Ash.

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