Mortgage and financial guide for Javea 2022

If buying a property in Javea and you need a mortgage or part financial help…

The percentage that the bank will loan you, depends on

  • Your residential status
  • How much money you have saved
  • Income  from assets or pension
  • Job contract and wage

If you’re a tax resident in Spain, most banks will lend up to 80% of either the bank valuation price or the sale price, depending on which is the lowest.

For non-residents banks will lend up approximate 40-50%.

This is a general guide for Spanish banks and each mortgage application will be considered 

Documents required to apply for a mortgage in Spain

  • NIE & passport
  • 6 months wage slips (if applicable)
  • Last years income tax
  • Proof of other assets (if applicable)
  • Proof of savings
  • Credit check
  • Documentation for any current loans or mortgages
  • Company accounts, if self employed

If you are a non tax resident of Spain, you can get information from any bank. We would recommend you speak to our local banks or broker, who are financial institutional experts in the financing of housing.

Let us know if you’d like more information about finance.