Customer service & commitment

Quick response time

Potentially hot real estate clients expect a fast response and a speedier service than previous generations.

Time is of the essence on the web. An hour of web time tends to feel like a year, so acting quickly once a lead is received is of upmost importance. We know that if we’re too late to respond, the lead will move on to the next agent.


We listen and we listen hard. As time is money in any business or language. By listening we can anticipate client needs before they even tell us.

Our team are exceptionally user-friendly. We don’t stop interacting with our clients, even when we’re not in the office! And by anticipating our clients’ needs, we build loyalty and trust.

We don’t want you to feel confused or unprepared. We want you to be informed every step of the way, so there’s no surprises due to us not advising you beforehand.


Follow-up and follow-through is what makes or breaks a customer relationship. One of our daily tasks is keeping on top of our customer database and maintaining open communications lines with all the potential clients in whichever way the client wants it: text, email, phone call, WhatsApp – you name it, we have many ways to communicate.

Being tech savvy

Tech illiterates are no good in today’s real estate world and that’s why we strive to install across all our team that apart from open communication, we need to be on top of technology so we can serve our customers better – without losing the personal touch! Leveraging technology saves us time and it serves with new ways of marketing to deliver a consistent experience for each individual. Real estate technology  is always evolving at an incredible speed and only successful agents embrace it to be on the cutting edge – we do and we have been for years!

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