Sea view property in Javea

How much is property with a sea view in Javea?

Javea sea view property for sale varies. Prices of villas or apartments for sale in Javea with a really good sea view, can be as much as 30-40% higher than those that don’t have one.

The Mediterranean is what this part of the Costa Blanca is all about and there are lots of properties for sale with sea views, but that’s not all the price is based on.

The sale price of a sea view home also depends on factors such as the orientation, quality and services it has.

If you take a property for sale with a great sea view and put it in an area without a sea view; you can probably knock At least 100,000 off the price.

There are also villas for sale in Javea with a sea view that are set a bit further back from coastline – making a lot of property good value for money. These properties have extra potential for selling or renting because they have a distant sea view.

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What rental income can I expect from property with a sea view?

Rental prices are approximately 20-30% higher than property without a sea view.

People will pay a premium to rent a home in or around Javea that has a sea view.

Obviously other factors come into play regarding rental prices, such as the services and home comforts a property offers, its orientation, quality, size and location.

Where are the best sea views for villas in Javea?

Javea has lots of different areas with sea view, so depending on your budget and your taste there’s a sea view for everybody.

The closer you are to the sea, or the bigger the view the higher the price.

The answer to this question depends on how much you can afford and personal preference to the area that attracts you most.What is the ideal size for a villa with a sea view in Javea?

There is no ideal size, again it’s more down to personal preference and need.

One thing you will find quite common in Javea, is the developing of under builds. Over the years people have remodelled spaces under their homes into living area or separate apartments. Sometimes these living areas may feel like dungeons, other times the space has been used and proportioned well around natural light sources.

Typically villas for sale in Javea with a sea view will have 3-5 bedrooms, with 200 m2 upwards. If you need more bedrooms there are lots of villas that cater to above 5 bedrooms, you just need to have the budget to afford it.

Where are the best sea views for villas in Benitachell?

There is no doubt about it. The best properties for sale in Benitachell with a stunning sea view, are found at Cumbre del Sol Resort.

A large residential area with different neighbourhoods, with property for sale ranging from small apartments, lock-up-and-leave townhouses, villas and high-end luxury apartments and magnificent luxury villas.

Are Villas with sea views good for Airbnb?

Yes! Whether you want to rent out the whole property or individual rooms. Any property with a sea view in Javea or Benitachell will command a higher rental income on Airbnb if it has a sea view….or even a sea glimpse.

Although, having said that, surprisingly enough, anything rents well in Javea.

Whether it’s old or new, has a sea view or not.

What holiday makers or renters are mainly looking for is comfort and mod-cons but having a property in either Javea or Benitachell with a sea view will defintely command a higher price on Airbnb compared to homes that don’t have a sea view.

What are the running costs of a property with sea view?

Yay! You’ve found a home to buy. 

You know how much it will cost to buy but do you know how much it will cost to keep?

It’s a good idea to make calculations of how much regular and periodic bills for your new sea view property will be, taking into account obvious bills like electric and water.

Property taxes in Javea

IRNR Non-resident income tax (Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes)

A yearly tax applied to owners of Spanish property, even if they a non tax residents (not official residents of Spain).

Assuming no income is made from the property or is made on Spanish territory. Tax is calculated on the value of your villa at 24,75% of a given percentage of the cadastral value, between 1-2% depending on when the value was established. 

For example: If the cadastral value of your villa is 200,000 euros, the IRNR would be 24,75% of 1% = 495 euros. 

The exact value depends on your villa’s cadastral value which is shown on a rates (IBI) bill from Javea town hall or Suma in Benitachell and other areas.

IRPF Personal Income Tax (Impuesto sobre la Renta de Personas Físicas)

If you are a Spanish tax resident, in this case you have to pay the IRPF and file a tax return like a Spanish citizen, based on your annual income.

IBI tax for immovable real estate assets (Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles)

Resident or non-resident of Spain, everybody has to pay this property tax once a year, and in Javea it’s paid to the town hall.

It’s a yearly rates or council tax, calculated on the cadastral value which is usually below market value, and means you’ll pay in the region of 600-2500 euros per year for a villa and anywhere from 250-1000 euros for an apartment or townhouse belonging to a community.

Additional expenses for owning a property with sea view

This is 125 euros per year in Javea.

There are payment schemes which can give you a small discount.

House insurance

Don’t forget to organise and calculate home insurance. Make sure it’s for home and contents; for any eventuality.

Spanish home insurance will be in the region of 180-400 euros a year, depending  on the size and value of the property and its contents.

Call +34 966 461 643 now to compare your house insurance quote

Call +34 966 461 643 now to compare your house insurance quote

Residents association fee (Quota de asociación de propietarios)

This fee could be a one off payment or yearly and is not applicable on all urbanisations.

Community charges (Gastos de comunidad)

Is paid for maintaining shared, communal spaces, pools, gardens, gyms, tennis courts etc.

A budget, voted each year during a residents meeting which you have the right to be a part of as a property owner, is divided between all home owners. Calculate anywhere between 60-150 euros a month.

Property administrator (Gestor)

If all the above is too much, whether you’re here full time or not, you can employ somebody to do all the necessary paperwork for you. Charged at around 100-150 euros a year for apartments for sale in Javea.

Property management

A property manager will be your eyes and ears whilst you’re not here, and if you are here; they’ll keep your home clean, well maintained and in fully functioning order.

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