Luxury villas in Javea

Affluent buyers want to buy high-end luxury villas or affluent homes in the Javea area of the Costa Blanca.

Javea or Benitachell are the perfect place to buy a luxury villa in Spain!

Terraced houses & townhouses, across our whole web site and property search facility are homes belonging to a community, that may or may not have a pool AND can be traditional homes in the heart of the urban areas like the Old Town and Port.

Where are the luxury properties?

Luxuriousness comes in different forms found in a number of areas dotted along our part of the coastline.

In particular, Javea offers a large portfolio of luxury homes, as does the neighbouring towns of Benitachell and Moraira.

In Javea, you will find Ibiza style villas in areas such as Balcon al Mar, Cuesta de San Antonio, La Corona, La Lluca, La Perla, Monte Olimpo and Villes de Vents to name a few. Mixed amongst more classic deluxe and demure luxury villas.

In Benitachell, the luxury home front has been fashioned at Cumbre del Sol Resort. A well-thought and mapped out residential area, that has been in the making for the last 45 years or so.

It’s newest developments found in gated streets with security, are high-end luxury properties boasting some of the best architecture and views in the area.

All selling with an absolutely no-nonsense service.

Cumbre del Sol Resort, also houses one of Europe’s finest International Schools for both junior and secondary education. Taught in English and with fantastic curricular and sports facilities.

How much do luxury properties sell for?

The price tag of luxury villas in Javea and Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, tends to start in the region of 650,000 euros up to over a million euros for a luxury.

The style and age of a property and the location and view are big factors when it comes to the price of a luxury home.

Luxury, new build apartments, found at Cumbre del Sol for example, are built to a high standard, offering great sea views and are priced starting around 525,000 euros.

But if you’re looking to buy or build an exclusive villa in Javea, on a front line sea view plot, you’re looking at spending anywhere from 2 – 6 million euros.

The most expensive property for sale in Javea’s history so far is 11.000.000 euros.

What defines a luxury villa?

As the saying goes: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All buyers have different ‘tick boxes’ when looking for a home to buy.

Some may feel the location is what makes a home luxurious, or the finishes, the services or number of bedrooms a home has.

But generally, a luxury home ranks high on the scale with its specifications, size, number of bedrooms and quality and services.

A luxury home can either be sleek and modern with clean lines and lots of glass and minimal to the eye. Or it can be a a traditional style known locally as a finca (farmhouse).

Are there luxury apartments for sale in Javea or Benitachell?

There are a number of apartment blocks in Javea and Benitachell, some more luxurious than others.

What makes some apartments more luxurious than others?

Internal finishes and size of the apartment, and the services and surroundings of the gated community itself – not forgetting the location and view!

How much are luxury apartments?

Luxury apartments in Javea can be purchased from around 350,000 euros up. A very descent apartment can be purchased from around 275,000 – 350,000 euros. Usually with a minimum of 2 to 3 bedrooms.

We think anywhere in Javea or Cumbre del Sol Resort can be luxurious: a home is what you make it and our coastline is paradise to anybody who visits!

What are the running costs?

Yay! You’ve found a luxury home to buy. 

You know how much it will cost to buy but do you know how much it will cost to keep?

It’s a good idea to make calculations of how much regular and periodic bills for your new luxury home will be, taking into account obvious bills like electric and water.

Additional expenses for owning a luxury home

Rubbish collection (Recogida de residuos sólidos) 

Each property owner, whether you own a villa or an apartment, has to pay a contribution towards rubbish collection.

This is 125 euros per year in Javea.

There are payment schemes which can give you a small discount.

House insurance

Don’t forget to organise and calculate home insurance. Make sure it’s for home and contents; for any eventuality.

Spanish home insurance will be in the region of 180-400 euros a year, depending  on the size and value of the property and its contents.

Call +34 966 461 643 now to compare your house insurance quote

Residents association fee (Quota de asociación de propietarios)

This fee could be a one off payment or yearly and is not applicable on all urbanisations.

Community charges (Gastos de comunidad)

Is paid for maintaining shared, communal spaces, pools, gardens, gyms, tennis courts etc.

A budget, voted each year during a residents meeting which you have the right to be a part of as a property owner, is divided between all home owners. Calculate anywhere between 60-150 euros a month.

Property administrator (Gestor)

If all the above is too much, whether you’re here full time or not, you can employ somebody to do all the necessary paperwork for you. Charged at around 100-150 euros a year.

Property management

A property manager will be your eyes and ears whilst you’re not here, and if you are here; they’ll keep your home clean, well maintained and in fully functioning order.

Get more information about property management

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