Javea: Once found, never forgotten

Do you know where Javea is?

Javea is one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to – or is it because it’s home?

Surrounded by sapphire sea, we don’t have an island vibe but Javea with its Old Town historic center, Arenal beach and Aduanas del Mar fishing Port does have a certain Mediterranean sensuality.

As you look down the eastern coast of Spain on a map at the Costa Blanca, you can see the coastline has a protrusion pointing towards the Balearic Islands – well that’s Javea!

Belonging to Valencian Community, it’s roughly an hours drive to either Alicante or Valencia airports.

Traditionally a fishing village, Javea has developed immensely over the last 50 years.

How big is the population in Javea?

The overall population is just over 27,000 (of a very international mix of) habitants (taken from 2018 studies) who live or own property in Javea. However, this figure probably triples during the summer holiday season. 

It gets rammed and its fabulous – it’s like our town transforms overnight.

When is it busy in Javea?

Javea thrives and bustles from June to September, with normality returning end of September through to May.

It’s great to have the energy throughout the summer months, but it’s nice to get back to normal when everybody goes home after the summer holidays!

Why is Javea also called Xabia?

Javea is also called Xabia, which is the local Valencian dialect way of saying our beautiful town’s name.

Belonging to the Valencian Community, we have both languages: Castellano and Valenciano spoken in the area.

Sometimes this causes a bit of a dilemma to expat families, as local schools teach in the two ‘lines’ (languages) but the truth is; any kid in who attends local Spanish school ends up speaking both languages fluently. All subjects are not taught solely in Valenciano, as many are led to believe – it’s just a selection of subjects. (Correct at the time of writing this article)

And if a local school isn’t what you had planned for your offspring; Javea has a pretty wide selection of very good International schools within a short drive too.

Thinking about retiring to Javea? And what a good choice too!

You can’t beat the lifestyle or the cost of living.

Did you know Javea was once voted, as one of the most healthiest climates to live in? Yes it was, and continues to be so.

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