What is teamwork?

Teamwork can be defined as the ability of team members to work together.

To communicate effectively, anticipate and meet each other’s demands, and inspire confidence.

Resulting in a co-ordinated collective action – which, for us, is to get your property on the market and sold for the best price!

Meet the team

Lucy Hobbs – Managing director

Vicens Ash M.D. There’s no one more fair, diplomatic or kind-hearted with unbeatable negotiation and organizational skills. In short, she’s the best boss, sister and always ready with her quick wit. Lucy has built this real estate business in Javea into what it is today: a successful and happy place…

Vicens Ash sales manager: Faye
Faye Hobbs

Sales Manager Mother of 3 teenagers, home and business owner and she still finds time to sell houses! There’s no accumulated number of years’ worth of experience for Faye, as she’s got 25 years under her belt all on her own. A firm believer that you don’t have to trawl…

Stephen Brice

Sales Agent Sales and family man extraordinaire. Although having migrated he’s never relinquished his roots of origin and remains a true British gentleman.  Happily married with two gorgeous kids who are now young adults themselves, he’s a father figure and loving husband, but each morning around 10 am the salesman…

Bart Verlinden

Sales Agent Bart, a native of Belgium, established himself in Spain at a young age as a real estate sales representative. Over the years, Bart has been working with several well known real estate companies and has represented many foreign clients with their investments in Spain.  He also developed special…

Vicens Ash sales team in Javea
Vicens Ash Sales Team

Bart, Faye & Brice Who’s top priority is to filter all leads To avoid wasting your valuable time. Of both potential buyers and our sellers. The job of each individual sales agent in our team, is to find the house of your dreams if you want to buy a property…

Sarah Hobbs

Valuations, Listings & Marketing Sarah advises potential vendors on market climate and property prices, so they can make informed decisions when thinking about selling. She is straightforward and honest, creative and unconventional; with an aptitude to showcase property across marketing channels at an envious standard to that of competitors. With…

Property valuations & photography: Steven
Steven Muñoz

Valuations, Listings & Photography By chance Steven joined the team as assistant property appraiser and photographer. Studying between putting houses on the market, to finish his work experience and to gain knowledge on how to use and fully understand the tools needed for the job. And, in doing so he…

Property valuations and listings

If you’re thinking about selling a property in or around Javea…. Are you thinking about selling? Or you’re just curious to know how much your home is worth, you need to speak with our property valuations and listings team. They’ll not only tell you how much your property is worth…

Deborah Buxton

Office Co-ordinator & administration Debbie came to us on a student work scheme and we didn’t let her go. As Lucy’s personal assistant, she takes on any task as a challenge to finish and overcome. She’s always ready to help team members as well as clients – efficiency must be…

Administration and paperwork

Lucy & Debbie The journey of buying a property in Javea doesn’t stop once you’ve found the right place. We’re all here to guide you throughout the buying process and smooth out bumps along the way and we’re even here after your buying journey is complete. If you need to…