Deborah Buxton

Office Co-ordinator & administration

Debbie came to us on a student work scheme and we didn’t let her go.

As Lucy’s personal assistant, she takes on any task as a challenge to finish and overcome. She’s always ready to help team members as well as clients – efficiency must be her middle name!

Tasked with managing Vicens Ash property management service, her attitude is positive, constructive and she always gets the job done.

She loves to walk her dogs, especially out by La Granadella and Cap Prim. She’s a home girl through and through, who loves to spend time with her family.

In case you’re wondering where she likes to eat or hang out, have a look at:

Debbie’s favourite places

Casa de la Pasta

"It’s a great winter and summer restaurant. You always have a good meal here, I love the selection on the menu, it’s always fresh, with good service."

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La Masena

"For special occasions; this is my favourite place. Masena is like a treat."

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"I used to work in Carnival; I love the ambience and you can’t beat a cocktail from Carnival."

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"This is one of the best places for a late afternoon drink and if you can get there for happy hour all the better! It’s one of the few places at the Arenal beach with a really sunny terrace late in the afternoon, so you can enjoy a sundowner with a sunset."

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