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Pros of buying apartments for sale in Javea

Not only is it easier to lock up and leave an apartment, but the community also look after the pool and garden. Ok, you have to pay for it, but you would in a villa too. That’s what makes apartments for sale in Javea such a great purchase option.

You’ll find that apartments also rent well during winter months and on that note; it’s cheaper to have a property maintenance company look after an apartment.

So, have the pros of owning an apartment in Javea persuaded you to buy one?

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Where are the apartments for sale in Javea?

Apartments for sale in Javea are either close to the Old Town, Port or Arenal Beach, therefore near to most amenities and services! That makes all apartments for sale in Javea conveniently located no matter the location.

Do all apartments for sale in Javea have pools?

Javea old town and Port areas have older, more central quarters with apartment blocks that don’t have pool or garden facilities but these apartments for sale in Javea tend to be bigger in size, offering more living space.

As these central quarters spread out, most of the newer, blocks on larger plots do have pools and gardens.

Do all apartments for sale in Javea have parking?

Most re-sale apartments for sale in Javea do come equipped with a private parking space.

If a space is not included in a sale, you can always ask the community or neighbours if somebody wants to sell or rent one.

Buying an apartment off plan, usually means you have to purchase a parking space separately if you want one.

Do all apartments for sale in Javea have store rooms?

Most re-sale apartments for sale in Javea do sell with private store rooms.

Store rooms are usually found either in the garage / basement or up on the roof terrace.

If a private store room is not included in a sale, again; you can ask the community or neighbours if somebody is selling or renting one.

What are the running costs of an apartment for sale in Javea?

Yay! You’ve found an apartment to buy. 

You know how much it will cost to buy but do you know how much it will cost to keep? This is important to know when considering purchasing apartments for sale in Javea.

It’s a good idea to make calculations of how much regular and periodic bills for your new apartment will be, taking into account obvious bills like electric and water.

Additional expenses for owning an apartment

Rubbish collection (Recogida de residuos sólidos) 

Each property owner, whether you own a villa or an apartment, has to pay a contribution towards rubbish collection.

This is 125 euros per year in Javea.

There are payment schemes which can give you a small discount.

House insurance

Don’t forget to organise and calculate home insurance. Make sure it’s for home and contents; for any eventuality.

Spanish home insurance will be in the region of 180-400 euros a year, depending  on the size and value of the property and its contents.

Call +34 966 461 643 now to compare your house insurance quote

Community charges & services

Apartments for sale in Javea are administered by independent administration companies, voted in by the residents.

Community administration companies oversee all maintenance, insurance and financial matters, for the building and complex.

Annual meetings are held for residents to make suggestions and vote together which services are to be kept or discarded.

Property administrator (Gestor)

If all the above is too much, whether you’re here full time or not, you can employ somebody to do all the necessary paperwork for you. Charged at around 100-150 euros a year for apartments for sale in Javea.

Property management

A property manager will be your eyes and ears whilst you’re not here, and if you are here; they’ll keep your home clean, well maintained and in fully functioning order.

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In Javea, Benitachell and Jesus Pobre. Including all penthouses, ground floors and duplexes.

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Arenal Beach

3 bedroomApartment for sale
Cool off in the pool or in the sea?


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Old Town

4 bedroomApartment for sale
Whopping 150 m2 living space with 60m2 private terrace


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4 bedroomApartment for sale
Life time use of a Javea Port apartment


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3 bedroomApartment for sale
It’s all about size, extras and of course location, location, location!


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Arenal Beach

1 bedroomApartment for sale
Perfect base so close to the beach


Ref: P1004 View Property

Arenal Beach

2 bedroomApartment for sale
Sea view, central and spacious


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1 bedroomApartment for sale
Holiday place for sale at the beach


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Old Town

3 bedroomApartment for sale
Comfortable and central 3 bedroom apartment


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4 bedroomApartment for sale
Roomy apartment for sale between Javea Old Town and Port


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