The Javea Company

Have nailed it completely. You won’t be disappointed if looking for somewhere decent to eat or drink. All their restaurants have great food, drinks, service and sea view! And all are located at the Arenal Beach in Javea.

The Javea Company offer choice. From steak house, French and Mediterranean cuisine. Salads, paella, pasta, pizza, burgers, delightful deserts, smoothies and ice creams.

Originally born from Champagne bar, it had to change its name due whatever reason, and became Chabada – now bigger and better than ever!

Apart from Chabada bar and restaurant, The Javea Company owns La Bohême, Aqua Bar & Steak House, Achill Disco and the colosal Bambula. All located at the Arenal Beach in Javea.

Everything about these restaurants is presented well, is fresh and tasty and has excellent service and customer attention.

Have you heard about "The Disaster Cocktail"?

Well, if you’re sitting down when you start drinking; standing up becomes pretty hard when you’ve finished! It’s an iconic fruity cocktail mix with secret spirits and tastes too good!

So, if you’re looking for a tasty bite to eat, to suit any wallet, check out The Javea Company’s restaurants.