Mi Agua (my water)

Has arrived in Javea! As technology has it, Mi Agua is able to alert you of any excessive use of water or leaks! Avoid getting hefty water bills by investing in this clever little gadget.

How does Mi Agua work?

By installing the Mi Agua smart meter on your water pipe after the suppliers meter.
The smart meter transmits water usage that’s measured hourly, back to the Mi Agua base. If a water leak or abnormally high water use is detected – you’re alerted.

So, it helps stop water leak and therefore damage to your property or garden in a short time timeframe! 

Say good bye to:

  • Hoses left on
  • Leaks in irrigation or pool plumbing
  • Timer malfunctions
  • General plumbing failures


Get alerted via email or sms, or have a nominated Keyholder alerted by unusual usage patterns of water. So you can take action and avoid excessive water bills!

Get online and connect via the app to monitor your water usage for only €102 * a year – now is that worth it or what?

€102 after installation and with 12 month subscription. Other subscriptions plan are available so, find out more by contacting …..

An undetected leak can cost you thousands! Don’t chance it – give yourself peace of mind!