Healthcare in Spain & Javea

What is Spanish healthcare like?

Acclaimed as one of the best in Europe, Spain’s healthcare service is; in our experience excellent.

The National Health System is managed the the Ministry of Health, who budget for and deliver service at a regional level.

In 2018 Euro Consumer Health Index ranked Spain at 19th place and was praised for is improvements.

Spain offers state and private health care.

Some hospitals even offer both services, however most Spaniards opt for public healthcare which remains mostly free and is funded by social security contributions.

Each region takes responsibility for their health budget allocated by the national government.

Who is entitled to Spanish health care?

  • Any resident in Spain who is employed or self-employed and pays social security
  • Residents living in Spain who receive state benefits
  • Residents recently divorced or separated from partners who contribute to social security
  • Resident women who are pregnant
  • Resident children
  • Resident students under 26 years of age
  • State pensioners
  • Non residents of Spain who possess an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card)

Brexit and healthcare: the facts (so far)

EU health care arrangements allow citizens of EU and EEA countries and Switzerland access social and healthcare services, while in any other of those nations and they are to receive it as a resident would, at no or low cost.

Agreements between these nations include the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) provide state health care to short term visitors and the S1 agreement provides continual health and social care to individuals living abroad, such as pensioners.

After Brexit, UK citizens may lose access to these arrangements, depending on the new agreements between EU and UK government – when it happens! So far, the two governing bodies have agreed  to still allow UK pensioners who already live abroad in the EU to still use the S1 and EHIC after Brexit. 

Although different political parties enter office and the economy has its ups and downs; doctors, nurses and medical professionals maintain a healthcare service that has not deteriorated and still remains strong with very high standards of medical help and cleanliness.

Private healthcare

Is another popular option for expats and Spanish nations alike.

There are lots of insurance companies in Javea offering private medical insurance policies in your own language. If you need a recommendation, just let us know.

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