Downsizing your home in or around Javea

Here is information to help you if thinking about downsizing your home in Javea or its surrounding towns, on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Procedure of downsizing

Are you ready to simplify life? To achieve…

  • Saving money – bigger homes cost more to run, with more expensive bills, insurance etc. You can also save money by having less repairs and maintenance costs.
  • Decluttering – bigger homes take more to fill. Furnishings of empty rooms and others full of unnecessary clutter.
  • Gaining more free time – bigger homes take more time to clean. Why spend more time cleaning and looking after what may not give you as much joy as before?

It reaches everybody at some point in life. A big property to upkeep and maintain is too much for anyone over a pensionable age.

Don’t leave it too late to downsize from a big home. If you leave it too late, it becomes too much – too much work and too much stress.

When downsizing your home and you need to picture how you want to live in your new, smaller home – to help you decide what needs to stay or go.

Take photos of the rooms in your house before you start. Look at those photos and take notice of where you eye is drawn – those are the items you need to keep because those items will make your new, smaller house a home.

Points to consider when downsizing:

  • Tackle your home one room at a time  – if you try to go it as a whole, it will be too overwhelming.
  • Think about the new space and what may or may not fit.
  • Prioritise what you cannot get rid of (why you can’t get rid of it), what you can sell, what can go to charity and what has to go to the bin. Ask yourself when was the last time you sed items and be strict with items you’re not sure about.
  • Don’t waste money or time thinking about putting things into storage for other family members. Ask them if they want things but don’t store it for them!
  • Store what you can digitally: documents, photos etc.
  • Give yourself time and plenty of it – Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be realistic and dedicate time to each room.
  • When buying items for your new smaller home, ask yourself if they are necessary.

However you tackle downsizing, don’t be afraid to ask for help from family of friends – you’ll be surprised at how many people will volunteer their help!

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